I don’t usually do this but I am going to ask my fellow Swan Queen shippers/fans/etc to not give up on the show. I just read through Adam’s tweets and he seems to say that the writer who spoke about SQ does not know what they have planned. No one knows except A&E. Don’t get mad and run away…

Actually, a boycott is the only way we can get through to these execs that we mean what we say. They ‘bait’ because they believe we will still watch regardless of canon unlike the tweens. If we show them we won’t put up with no representation, rape culture, adultery, anti-adoption garbage, they’ll have to write something watchable to stay on the air.

Boycotts worked for both Xena & Buffy.


Is there any proof that that letter actually came from a writer for OUAT? I saw no letterhead or signature. It could have been typed up by anyone. Do you trust the source?






??? I don’t understrand what are you talking about.

There was a letter sent to a SwanQueen fan regarding the canon of our ship. It was supposedly written by one of the writers but there’s no header or anything to prove it

She has it on her twitter and has responded to comments about it. That’s about as official as you can get. Otherwise, I’d be suspicious of it too.

link to the tweet?! please.

Here it is - https://twitter.com/KalindaVazquez/status/511884182273155073

Yep. I mean, I’m just done, folks. I’m seriously done with the show. I’m out. I’m out of their tumblr and just everything to do with this pairing. It’s draining and exhausting and the negativity we get is contrary to good mental health.

So, I will continue my efforts in other ways to help increase representation, but I’m going to have to stop with Swan Queen in addition to OUaT. The fact that they can be so blatant and dismissive about the failings of representation while having power to do something about it disgusts me to an entirely new level.

So, if you’ve followed me for that reason and that reason only - you should probably unfollow me now.

Much love.



My interpretation of Lana’s interview for AfterEllen:

1. She actually did say that she supports LGBT communities in general but didn’t link this to representation. The interviewer didn’t go there really so I’d say it was a lost opportunity in terms of politicizing the discussion slightly.


Yep. Don’t watch this crap. Don’t support those who blatantly disregard you! At every single turn.

Since then Morrison has gone on to tweet, and retweet, things involving the Captain Swan fandom. A heterosexual male and female coupling. What the Swan Queen fans continue to want to know is why they can’t be validly accepted too. Sure, tweeting you are LGBT friendly is great, but where is the backup with this. With writers continually pairing the heterosexual couples together, the queer fandom wants to have a fairytale ending too. Fairy tale love stories can include LGBT happy endings as well, it’s not all death, loss, and destruction.

holy shit y’all we made the fucking Huffington Post (h/t queerytales)

this is why it matters that we keep talking (hopefully politely and productively, not because tone policing is okay but because it just works better) uncowed by the fandom’s bullshit or TPTB’s.

we are changing the conversation. our talking points are appearing in (relatively) mainstream media outlets. it is working.

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This is what demanding better entertainment gets us.



Where Elsa is “every Swan Queen fan” everyone who dislikes Hook LOL

Oh my goodness, this is glorious. 

This is amazing beyond words.



Where Elsa is “every Swan Queen fan” everyone who dislikes Hook LOL

Oh my goodness, this is glorious. 

This is amazing beyond words.



#i havent seen one episode of this show but i would swan dive into a volcano if she asked me to (via deepspacednine)

I have seen every episode of this show and I would swan dive into a volcano if she asked me to

I have seen every episode of this show and I would swan dive into her if she asked me to.



“I’ve seen Ruby on the Queen’s side since the pilot. Ruby’s a total bad girl and the Queen needs a pet wolf.”

Lana Parrilla (x)

Just a little reminder that Lana is in favour of Ruby and Regina teaming up.

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Remember what Maleficent said to Regina about pets.


How is that quote not a sexual innuendo?






…where Emma finally understands why it’s best not to procrastinate when it comes to the important things. 

I have no idea what I’m doing…
A Conversation between Emma and Maleficent (after the scene in the second picture)

"Well, this is a surprise… Miss Swan, isn’t it? shall I call you by some other title? Princess perhaps? or maybe you prefer for me to call you ‘savior’…"


"Cut the crap Maleficent, I don’t care what you call me, I’m here to find out about this…thing you have going with Regina. What’s your deal with Regina? What do you want from her?”


"Ah… so that’s the reason of your visit dear. Now, this is truly amusing darling, you are making it sound like is any of your business. Well Princess, let me tell you something…My relationship with Regina isn’t of any of your concern, or anyone’s else for that matter. Now my dear Savior, why does it seems to be bothering you? Why do you care?”image

"Listen here, you can call it whatever you want and act as if it doesn’t concern me, but it does. I care about Regina and I won’t let you do something to her. She has come a long way to be the person she is today, she’s a good person and a lovely mother to my son, and I will do my best to help her stay like that, even if that means having to throw another sword at you. Do you understand?"


"Hmm so passionate and yet so naive… You are barking way too loud for something that you don’t understand, darling. It’s quite adorable, you know? The way you speak about Regina tells me so much about you dear, and  it gives me an idea of what might be the real reason for you to show in here in such a rude manner… Tell me savior, are you aware of your feelings for Regina?”


"… It’s none of your business… I’m not here to have a girl talk with you or to discust whatever crazy idea you have in mind about what I might feel for you Regina. No, I’m not here for any of that. I just wanted to make sure we are clear in here… I see you do something at her, hurt her or manipulate her in any way, and I’ll come for you. I don’t care that you are her ‘friend’, do something that might hurt her and you’ll be done. Are we clear?”


"I can see why Regina speaks with so much respect about you, dear, I can see it… Very well Princess, we are clear. I could give you my word if it helps calm that little beast inside you, but something tells me it won’t be enough. Still, I can asure you that I have no desire of hurting Regina in anyway, nor do I wish to turn her back into the Evil Queen she used to be. You can sleep well tonight, Savior,  the woman you seem to care so much won’t be harmed anytime soon. I’ll give you my word…”


aaand that’s all because I suck *sighs* what you think?

Pls. Do not make me ship this. Do not do this to me.

I am weak.

but… sexy stares…



swanqueengranger does this helps?

It does, indeed! I love it. I just want Maleficent to go “after” Emma to mess with Regina, but to also try to harness her energy/magic. And inadvertently makes them realize their feelings. Jealous-Regina is perfect. Especially knowing she and Maleficent used to have a thing.

Can you imagine the flirting Maleficent would be laying on BOTH of them?

I would LOVE

For Maleficent to start trying to seduce and corrupt Emma and her magic. And then to see Regina’s response.

I just feel like Maleficent has seduction powers like no one else. Powers to hypnotize you; to get into your brain and not able to get out.

DragonSwan anyone? With SwanQueen for the win?

I’d really love for this to be the point where Maleficent, confronted by Regina, says “Funny how our pets make us weak, isn’t it?”